Trends in Retail

US Ecommerce Sales Grew by Nearly a Third in Q2

As many Americans continue to stay at home, it's no surprise that consumers spent heavily on ecommerce: In Q2 2020, US retail ecommerce sales grew by almost a third (31.8%) from the previous quarter, or 44.5% year over year.

4 ways retailers can future-proof their businesses

Google?s Official Digital Marketing Publication. It?s critical to embrace retail?s changing landscape. Explore steps to future-proof your business.

Marketers underestimate the role of creativity in effectiveness

New research from Kantar finds that marketers are overestimating the impact of factors such as brand versus performance and multimedia, and underestimating creativity and brand size when it comes to ad effectiveness.

What to Expect in H2 2020, the D2C Business Model and Pinterest's Q2

eMarketer principal analysts at Insider Intelligence Mark Dolliver, Andrew Lipsman and Nicole Perrin discuss what H2 has in store. They then talk about the takeaways from Pinterest's Q2, why large companies want in on the D2C business model and a mobile advertising investigation.

Burberry opens 1st 'Social Retail' store in China

The luxury retailer partnered with Tencent on a concept shop that blends social media interactions with an in-store experience.

The wrong and the real of marketing effectiveness

Peter Field and Les Binet have shown us a model for how short- and long-term marketing work together but the reality is achieving this in practice is hard.

Global Ecommerce Sales Will Decelerate This Year

Ecommerce has been a bright spot among retail channels during the coronavirus, as consumers became reliant on digital transactions amid physical store closures and fear of infection.

The Ad Platform: Getting and Keeping Customers in the Social Distancing Economy

Shoppers' routines have been disrupted, and many have tried new brands or digital retailers as a result. Jaysen Gillespie, vice president and head of analytics and data science at Criteo, joins Nicole Perrin, eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence, to discuss acquiring vs. retaining customers during the pandemic, along with other marketing strategies for the social distancing economy.

The Rebirth of Experiential Retail

COVID-19 has shut down the experience economy, but experiential retail will rise again following a digital rebirth

How Digital Giants in China Are Helping Revive the Country's Retail Sector

China?s retail sector has been on a steady path to recovery over the past few months. According to June data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in China, retail sales experienced a year-over-year drop of 1.8%, reaching $485.30 billion (RMB3.353 trillion). That was an increase of 1 percentage point over the prior month.

Is Omnichannel Retail Brick-and-Mortar’s Saving Grace?

It?s long been understood that US retail is over-stored. The US has more retail space per capita than any other country in the world, according to a 2018 analysis by Cowen and Company, at about 23.5 square feet per person compared to Canada, which is second on the list at 16.8 square feet.

Going direct-to-consumer: how brands are making ecommerce work in 2020

Here we explain how and why brands are going Direct-to-Consumer in 2020, using robust customer insight to help make ccommerce work better for them.

Evaluating the Personalized Customer Experience in Retail: 5 Key Lessons

In recent months, we conducted two distinct audits as part of an ongoing series to understand how well brands are capturing and using customer data to deliver a personalized experience in their marketing. Some results were surprising, some less so. Here are the top five observations and key lessons.

The Social Commerce Wars Heat Up

eMarketer junior analyst Blake Droesch, research analyst Daniel Keyes, principal analyst Andrew Lipsman and senior forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence Cindy Liu discuss Pinterest's latest social commerce moves. They then talk about May retail sales, an app that makes you the model, Shopify's latest deal with Walmart and a Brandless relaunch.

Klantensegmenten tijdens recessie. New balls please

Of het nu gaat over productontwikkeling, brand building, communicatie of bedrijfsvoering in het algemeen, in het ontwikkelen van een goede, succesvolle strategie staat een correcte klantensegmentering centraal. Sinds enkele jaren spelen gedragswetenschappen en gedragsonderzoek bij dat segmenteren een steeds belangrijkere rol. Maar tijdens een recessie verandert het consumentengedrag significant met veranderde klantensegmenten en segmentatiecriteria als gevolg.

Cannes Lions: Future Consumer 2022

<p>The world is shifting at an accelerated rate and with it societal drivers of change. The Future Consumer highlights two global sentiments, fear and dysnchronised society, and how these mindsets are set to impact the future consumer landscape. From living in livestreams to the power of peer networks, 2022 proves a unique (and challenging) opportunity for brands to break through the digital clutter and drive true engagement.</p>

A Guide to Maximising Creative Effectiveness

Over 40 hours of original thinking, expert perspectives, masterclasses, and beautifully produced short films for everyone, for free. You can now explore our preview program. It's only a taster, there?s much more to come.

How to Make People Feel Comfortable Returning to Stores

eMarketer principal analyst Andrew Lipsman, research analyst Daniel Keyes and senior forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence Cindy Liu discuss what it will take to encourage Americans to return to stores, the end for the mall and what will happen to brick-and-mortar sales this year. They then talk about whether clothing rental is over, why Etsy keeps surging and DoorDash Storefront.

YouTube is Renaming its FameBit Influencer Marketplace to 'BrandConnect'

YouTube is updating its brand/influencer connection options to help facilitate more effective influencer marketing deals.

Examples of successful e-commerce platforms amid COVID-19

As the world locked down, the needs of citizens did not. Read examples of businesses that successfully pivoted their e-commerce to thrive amid COVID-19.

Omnichannel customer experience: Turning chaos into community

An omnichannel customer experience takes into account all of the multi-channel touch points a consumer could have with your brand.

STUDY: Why People Shop Direct-to-Consumer Brands

Download the Rakuten Advertising Direct to Consumer Study to understand consumer purchasing habits and awareness surrounding e-commerce brands born online that ship directly to their customers.

How COVID-19 Drives Demand for Commercial AR and VR

Learn how enterprise organizations are utilizing augmented reality and virtual reality technologies in response to COVID-19 with IDC's Tom Mainelli.

8 Reasons Why People Visit Websites Today

Many people who are stuck at home are spending time online. Here are the top eight reasons why visitors check out websites nowadays.

Gucci launches virtual shopping service

Italian fashion group Gucci has launched a virtual shopping service, which allows customers to communicate with staff through video chat. The company claims the project is unique in the luxury fashion sector.

We Expect 7.4 Million New Digital Buyers in 2020 as Pandemic Alters Behaviors

In recent months, as stores temporarily closed and consumers refrained from going out to shop, one of the clearest emerging trends has been the accelerated shift to ecommerce, especially among older consumers.

The 7 Rs of resiliency programs

Doug Reifschneider, a CMO with Chief Outsiders, shares a 7 Rs of Resiliency Programs, which is a checklist that can help frame and direct retailer efforts in response to COVID-19.

Shifting Consumer Behavior in the Era of 'It Depends!'

eMarketer principal analysts Mark Dolliver and Nicole Perrin at Insider Intelligence discuss the most significant consumer behavior shifts in the wake of the coronavirus. They then talk about where people start their online shopping, search trends during the pandemic and how young is too young for kids to use chat apps?

The Impact of Coronavirus on Retailing

The pandemic has forced governments to quarantine entire countries, disrupted supply chains, slashed business and consumer confidence and affected financial markets. Euromonitor International’s baseline forecast for global real economic growth in 2020 is in the range of 1.5 to .5%.

The restrictions have led to the collapse of the travel industry, but the impact will not be as severe in retailing. Retailers sell across categories, meaning that the pandemic will negatively impact some channels more than others.

The Global Financial Crisis had a severe impact on consumer markets. The overall retail industry declined by 3% in 2009, but rebounded in 2010, with 6% growth. Past public health emergencies, like the SARS and MERS outbreaks, also provide clues as to how retailing may fair amid the crisis.

The uncertainty of COVID 19’s impact on the economy has prompted retailers to withdraw their earnings outlooks for the quarter and/or whole year. Some are exploring filing for bankruptcy to restructure debt and others are borrowing against their lines of credit to ensure proper cash flow.

Big consumer shifts are already under way as society evolves from a carefree world to one under lockdown. This phase is likely to lead to a permanent boost in ecommerce and contactless payments as well a potential divergence of the supply chain or a reimagined store pick up.

Technology is here to stay. This crisis has underscored the important role that technology plays in how consumers live, work, shop and play. Some companies are already making acquisitions to boost their tech capabilities.

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Facebook Shops : la nouvelle fonctionnalité qui permet aux marques de vendre leurs produits sur Facebook

Avec Facebook Shops, les marques peuvent ouvrir gratuitement une boutique en ligne pour vendre et encaisser au sein de la plateforme.

Demand for Fast and Innovative Delivery Persists amid the Pandemic

Frictionless commerce, a trend permeating many facets of the customer journey today, leverages technology to improve the retail experience by saving people time and hassle. And arguably the most competitive battleground in frictionless commerce is in fast and free ecommerce delivery.

Frictionless Commerce 2020

As convenience becomes an increasing driver of consumer behavior, we explore how friction-reducing technology advancements are helping retailers generate more sales.

The future is not what it used to be: Thoughts on the shape of the next normal

The coronavirus crisis is a world-changing event. Here are seven elements for business leaders to consider as they plan for the next normal.

'Disastertising' for a New Normal

eMarketer principal analysts Andrew Lipsman and Nicole Perrin discuss the current wave of pandemic-driven ads and what the next wave might look like. They then talk about how programmatic is faring, Google's plans to cut its marketing budget in half and how much leeway are customers willing to give retailers on delivery during this time?

Amazon’s ad business grows 44% during the first quarter

The pandemic has revealed cracks in Amazon?s marketplace-cum-ad-platform but advertisers won?t walk away from one of their key cash streams during the lockdown.

NBCUniversal Boosts Shoppable Content Efforts with New Checkout Platform

NBCUniversal is accelerating its plans to launch its Checkout platform, a move aimed at helping retailers, particularly those that have temporarily closed during the pandemic, and a way to drive ad revenues as many TV networks are losing billions due to canceled or postponed sports programming.

How Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Change Amazon, and the Competition?

eMarketer principal analyst Andrew Lipsman discusses how the coronavirus pandemic will affect retail and the balance of power between Amazon and the competition. He then talks about eBay appointing a new CEO, 'Amazon Shipping' being put on hold and Le Tote and Lord & Taylor going online-only.

‘It is time to keep money going’: Former P&G CMO Jim Stengel on marketing through a crisis

Veteran marketer Stengel advises CMOs to take stock of the way they reacted to the pandemic and to 'institutionalize' that in how they work when normality returns.

‘This is a permanent shift’: Retail giants like Amazon capture more ad spending

For the advertisers in certain categories still spending -- apparel, pharmaceuticals, electronics, personal care and, in particular, consumer packaged goods -- media agency execs say that some of those ad dollars are moving toward retail and grocery media channels like Amazon, Walmart, Target and Instacart, among others.

While Another Recession Looms, Consumers Continue to Seek Deals

As the Great Recession receded, one might have expected people to drift away from active economizing. Instead, US consumers across income levels added new retail venues (like digital resale) to their money-saving mix, while doubling down on older methods (like buying private-label goods). Thus, they?re poised for serious bargain-hunting if the coronavirus pandemic yields a serious recession.

Consumers Don’t Think Brands Should Stop Advertising During Coronavirus Pandemic

Brands are pulling or pausing their ad spending as the COVID-19 crisis puts a strain on their businesses, but new research shows that consumers may not want them to stop advertising altogether.

5 trends shaping the future of in-store retail experiences

Bobby Marhamat, CEO of Raydiant, writes that if retailers give customers what they want they can ensure retail success this decade by taking advantage of the top five trends shaping the future of the in-store experience.

COVID-19: How retailers can overcome the challenges of a pandemic

Mike Rittler, head of retail card services at TD Bank, shares insight on what the coronavirus event is doing to the small and large retailer and how businesses can meet consumer demand in these challenging times.

More Consumers Are Relying on Meal Kits amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Meal kits are experiencing an uptick in popularity as more people practice social distancing and turn to alternatives to limit their grocery store shopping.


Sizing Up COVID-19's Impact on Retail

eMarketer principal analyst Andrew Lipsman discusses the current wave of retail store closures, the seismic shift to online shopping and what retailers should be thinking about during this time. He then talks about why payments firm Square is opening a bank, how you can help your local restaurants and where to watch live streamed music concerts from home.

COVID-19's Business and Consumer Impact in Europe

eMarketer principal analyst Karin von Abrams and senior analyst Bill Fisher discuss Europe's response to the COVID-19 outbreak. How have governments reacted? Will this affect Brexit? They then talk about the UK's imminent digital tax, whether the Brits are ready for Disney+ and how not to do social media marketing.

Will Retailers Bounce Back from the Coronavirus Pandemic?

With the exception of grocery stores and drugstores?which remain open?practically all other brick-and-mortar retail has seen a seismic drop in foot traffic before temporarily closing down their locations for the foreseeable future as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread in the US. This is resulting in huge drops in revenue.

Amazon Remains the Undisputed No. 1

It?s little surprise that Amazon once again ranks as the No. 1 US ecommerce retailer?and by a huge margin. ?What?s surprising is that despite accounting for nearly four in 10 ecommerce dollars, the company continues to gain market share and extend its lead,? said Andrew Lipsman, eMarketer principal analyst and author of our latest report, "Top 10 US Ecommerce Companies 2020: Walmart and Target Climb Rankings on Click-and-Collect Gains."

Self-Checkout Is Changing the Retail Landscape

The upsurge of self-checkout and unmanned stores like Amazon Go is freeing shoppers from one of the things they detest most?long checkout lines.

How Coronavirus Is Impacting the Restaurant Industry

Following protocols and updates suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most restaurants across the US are adjusting their services to offer takeout and delivery only?relying on services like Caviar, DoorDash and Seamless to help get meals to consumers at home.

COVID-19 Concerns May Boost Ecommerce as Consumers Avoid Stores

Across many countries where the newest strain of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has made an impact, isolation and social-distancing measures have been put in place. Workers in some infected countries have been asked to work from home, cities have been placed under lockdown and schools have been shut down. People in those countries have also begun avoiding public, crowded places.

Pizza Hut’s Global Chief Customer Officer Dishes on the Benefits of a Mobile-First Approach

After launching its mobile ordering app in 2009, Pizza Hut has made strides in the mcommerce space, constantly listening to customer feedback and adapting accordingly.

Coronavirus Is Changing How Consumers Shop

As uncertainty over coronavirus continues to grow, consumers are becoming more cautious about shopping in public places and are utilizing online shopping as a means of getting necessities.


What’s next for sustainable business?

SustainAbility?s annual trends report, in which we explore global sustainability issues and trends that will shape the business agenda in 2020.

How Digital Are Millennials in Their Shopping?

At a life stage that entails lots of buying, millennials are combining digital and in-store shopping in ways that work best for them.

La transformation du parcours d'achat

Le monde change rapidement. Pour rester compétitifs, les retailers doivent s'adapter. Dans ce livre blanc, Stuart Wood décrypte les 5 changements clefs qui secouent le monde du commerce, leurs causes, et comment s'y adapter.

Prices for Amazon Sponsored Product Ads Continue to Climb

Marketers that advertise on Amazon are continuing to pour more money into paid media on the ecommerce marketplace, according to Q4 2019 reporting from technology providers and performance advertising agencies.

Top 10 friction points in the customer journey and how to fix them

Friction points in the customer journey can lead to immediate site abandonment. Learn how to optimize the digital customer experience to improve CX and conversion.

The future of e-commerce: 3 trends driving change

The future of e-commerce is being forged by three trends: the reinvention of brick and mortar, the rise of headless commerce, and an omnichannel strategy.

IKEA Dubai Launches A Promotion With A New Currency: Time

IKEA Dubai is running a promotion that lets customers spend their time as money, according to Forbes. Shoppers can show associates their Google Maps timeline at checkout to be credited for the amount of time they spent traveling to IKEA stores, with the discount pegged to the average Dubai salary. The ?Buy With Your Time? ?

The 5 Facets Of Success In The Subscription Economy

The subscription economy has been making waves since 2010, when Birchbox debuted a subscription box that quickly gained popularity. Now, the space holds fierce competition, with hundreds of companies vying for customers across a wide range of industry verticals, from clothing to beauty to meal kits. No matter the vertical, it?s clear that the retail ?

How Afterpay Is Changing the Way Consumers Shop

Digital installment plans are growing in popularity, particularly among more budget-conscious, younger consumers. In the past year, adoption of digital interest-free payment programs grew from 24% in Q1 2019 to 30% in Q3, per data from CivicScience.

How German supermarkets are beating discounters

German supermarket chains such as Edeka and Rewe have achieved stronger growth figures in 2019 than hard discounters Aldi and Lidl. Which lessons are there to learn from this remarkable feat?

Xiaomi opens first physical store in the Benelux

Soon the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi, the fourth largest in the world, will open its first physical store in the Benelux. That first store will be in Rotterdam, according to published job offers.

For Many Consumers, the In-Store Shopping Experience Still Has Flaws

Retailers are well aware of consumers' desire to shop in the most effortless ways possible, but several in-store pain points continue to hinder such experiences, according to an October 2019 survey from Capgemini.

Retail Store Tours Names 8 Consumer Experience Award Winners

Retail Store Tours has named the winners of its 2020 Consumer Experience Awards, which include retailers such as Sephora, Nordstrom, Starbucks and b8ta. Winners are named in seven categories, based on individual factors that promote consumer engagement and drive retail shopping growth. An eighth category was added this year for Excellence in Shopping Center Experience. ?

5 Latest Trends In Retail IoT

Just imagine: you are walking past a music store in the mall as your phone pings you with a notification on a personal discount for the ukulele you?ve been eyeing for some time on the shop?s online web site. Tempted, you enter the store and receive another notification on the location of the item in ?

Ever-changing digital landscape: What e-commerce retailers need to know

Joe Harris, partner and chief revenue officer at Wheroware, shares the top five elements in e-commerce retailers need to know and explains why retailers must focus wholly on the customer.

5 key takeaways from NRF 2020

After NRF 2020 wrapped up, two Hughes SMEs, Jeff Bradbury and Tim Tang, sat down to talk about the new developments in the retail industry.

Why Is Fast Fashion Thriving in the Era of Sustainable Shoppers?

Consumers have become more socially conscious in the ways they shop. At the same time, the notoriously unsustainable practice of fast fashion is thriving.

How to ensure omnichannel loyalty

<p><em><strong>Learn five tactical strategies for fostering connections with customers, with real-life examples of loyalty programmes employing these strategies and statistics to support why they are resonating with customers.</strong></em></p> <p>In order to drive the type of loyalty that is ...

‘Increasingly an awareness platform’: Amazon advertising is moving beyond search

Advertisers are starting to see the appeal of brand awareness advertising on That's a switch from a prior focus on the platform's search advertising capabilities.

Purchases Via Smart Speakers Are Not Taking Off

While some US consumers are warming to the idea of making voice-based purchases via smart speakers, the number of those doing so is smaller than initially estimated. In our latest forecast on smart speaker users, we lowered our outlook for the number of smart speaker buyers (people making a purchase via a smart speaker) as well as the number of smart speaker users (people who use smart speakers for any purpose).