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3 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty With an Omnichannel CX Strategy

3 Ways to Grow Customer Loyalty Via Omnichannel CX For retailers exploring how to increase customer loyalty by successfully guiding their customers through the new blend of digital and physical communication channels, here are three vital characteristics to include in their omnichannel strategies. www.mytotalretail.com  

Takeaway.com orders increased by 51%

Takeaway.com orders increased by 51% In the first quarter of 2019, meal order platform Takeaway.com processed 51% more orders, reaching a total of 31.1 million orders. The meal delivery service is currently investing in the German market. www.retaildetail.eu  

Emerging Global Concepts

The world of retail is always changing. Retailers big and small globally are trying new things to add value to the standard shopping trip. As competition increases and consumer preferences evolve, retailers continue to advance the way consumers browse, shop and buy. Euromonitor International’s Passport Retailing database provides comparative analysis across more than 30 channels

4 digital trends to keep in mind to get 2019 on good footing

Jonathan Cherki, CEO of ContentSquare, explains why retailers and brands must continuously monitor customers’ digital happiness. Brands that can leverage behavioral data to shine light on the nuances of their customers’journeys will be able to optimize the experience on the fly. www.retailcustomerexperience.com