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Sustainability Is Factoring into 2019 Holiday Purchases

This Year’s Gift-Givers Are Thinking (and Buying) Sustainably Discounts and low prices are historic holiday asks. But this year, sustainability is also top of mind. According to a recent survey, shoppers are more mindful of who they do business with, especially as it pertains to the environment. www.emarketer.com

Takeaway.com orders increased by 51%

Takeaway.com orders increased by 51% In the first quarter of 2019, meal order platform Takeaway.com processed 51% more orders, reaching a total of 31.1 million orders. The meal delivery service is currently investing in the German market. www.retaildetail.eu  

Grocery Ecommerce 2019

Grocery Ecommerce 2019 Grocery is the least penetrated but fastest-growing category in ecommerce today. Traditional brands and retailers need to understand why this channel shift is accelerating and adjust their marketing and selling strategies accordingly. www.emarketer.com  

4 digital trends to keep in mind to get 2019 on good footing

Jonathan Cherki, CEO of ContentSquare, explains why retailers and brands must continuously monitor customers’ digital happiness. Brands that can leverage behavioral data to shine light on the nuances of their customers’journeys will be able to optimize the experience on the fly. www.retailcustomerexperience.com  

What to Expect in 2019? Better Mobile Payment Options

Mcommerce has grown rapidly over the past few years, and all signs point to continued strong growth. We forecast that US smartphone retail mcommerce sales will grow nearly 38% in 2019, from $148.79 billion in 2018, reaching $205.15 billion. This will account for over three-quarters of US mcommerce sales. retail.emarketer.com