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China Is Moving Toward a Cashless Society

More People in China Will Be Making Proximity Mobile Payments In 2019, we estimate that 577.4 million people in China made a purchase via proximity mobile payment within a six-month period. Those users account for 49.6% of the country?s population. Next year, more than half of the population will utilize this payment method, with that

Sustainability Is Factoring into 2019 Holiday Purchases

This Year’s Gift-Givers Are Thinking (and Buying) Sustainably Discounts and low prices are historic holiday asks. But this year, sustainability is also top of mind. According to a recent survey, shoppers are more mindful of who they do business with, especially as it pertains to the environment. www.emarketer.com

Takeaway.com orders increased by 51%

Takeaway.com orders increased by 51% In the first quarter of 2019, meal order platform Takeaway.com processed 51% more orders, reaching a total of 31.1 million orders. The meal delivery service is currently investing in the German market. www.retaildetail.eu