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Belgian supermarket chains see profit shrink

“Belgian supermarket chains see profit shrink” The major Belgian supermarket chains have lower profit margins than five years ago, and that is before Dutch Jumbo is set to disrupt the market even more. The reason is clear: the competition gets tougher and discounts, meant to lure more customers, cut the profitability. www.retaildetail.eu

Colruyt bets on Belgian craft beers

In collaboration with nine small, independent breweries from all over Belgium, Colruyt expands its beer offering with 16 experimental craft beers. The beer department at the food retailer is 99 percent Belgian. www.retaildetail.eu

Consumer demand for convenience is changing how ? and where ? they buy food, report finds Time-crunched consumers on the hunt for convenient, last-minute meals increasingly are opting for food prepared outside the home, but a small and growing portion also are interested in learning new cooking techniques and recipes ? giving the sluggish meal

Jumbo confirms timing and location of first Belgian stores

Jumbo confirms timing and location of first Belgian stores Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo has confirmed it will open its first three Belgian stores before the end of the year. The three locations are Lanaken, Pelt and Rijkevorsel, unsurprisingly all near Belgium’s northeastern border with the Netherlands. www.retaildetail.eu

Searches at Belgian retailers in competition enquiry

Searches at Belgian retailers in competition enquiry The Belgian Competition Authority is investigating whether some supermarket chains have violated competition rules. Yesterday, a search and seizure took place at the headquarters of Carrefour and Provera (louis delhaize). For clarity’s sake: Ahold Delhaize is not involved in the matter. www.retaildetail.eu