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Klantensegmenten tijdens recessie. New balls please

Klantensegmenten tijdens recessie. New balls please Of het nu gaat over productontwikkeling, brand building, communicatie of bedrijfsvoering in het algemeen, in het ontwikkelen van een goede, succesvolle strategie staat een correcte klantensegmentering centraal. Sinds enkele jaren spelen gedragswetenschappen en gedragsonderzoek bij dat segmenteren een steeds belangrijkere rol. Maar tijdens een recessie verandert het consumentengedrag significant

Cannes Lions: Future Consumer 2022

WGSN Presents Future Consumer 2022 <p>The world is shifting at an accelerated rate and with it societal drivers of change. The Future Consumer highlights two global sentiments, fear and dysnchronised society, and how these mindsets are set to impact the future consumer landscape. From living in livestreams to the power of peer networks, 2022 proves

STUDY: Why People Shop Direct-to-Consumer Brands

Direct to Consumer Study | Rakuten Advertising Download the Rakuten Advertising Direct to Consumer Study to understand consumer purchasing habits and awareness surrounding e-commerce brands born online that ship directly to their customers. rakutenadvertising.com

Shifting Consumer Behavior in the Era of ‘It Depends!’

eMarketer Podcast: The Consumer Behavior Era of ‘It Depends!’, Ecommerce’s Starting Line and Kids Chat Apps eMarketer principal analysts Mark Dolliver and Nicole Perrin at Insider Intelligence discuss the most significant consumer behavior shifts in the wake of the coronavirus. They then talk about where people start their online shopping, search trends during the pandemic

The Impact of Coronavirus on Retailing

The pandemic has forced governments to quarantine entire countries, disrupted supply chains, slashed business and consumer confidence and affected financial markets. Euromonitor International’s baseline forecast for global real economic growth in 2020 is in the range of 1.5 to .5%. The restrictions have led to the collapse of the travel industry, but the impact will

While Another Recession Looms, Consumers Continue to Seek Deals

While Another Recession Looms, Consumers Continue to Seek Deals As the Great Recession receded, one might have expected people to drift away from active economizing. Instead, US consumers across income levels added new retail venues (like digital resale) to their money-saving mix, while doubling down on older methods (like buying private-label goods). Thus, they?re poised

COVID-19: How retailers can overcome the challenges of a pandemic

COVID-19: How retailers can overcome the challenges of a pandemic Mike Rittler, head of retail card services at TD Bank, shares insight on what the coronavirus event is doing to the small and large retailer and how businesses can meet consumer demand in these challenging times. www.retailcustomerexperience.com