Month: December 2018

Extend the Shelf Life of Your Web Content

Extend the Shelf Life of Your Web Content Much of the web content created in the retail space can be reused, renewed, and recycled to engage consumers and attract their business all over again. The key to this strategy is twofold.  

What to Expect in 2019? Better Mobile Payment Options

Mcommerce has grown rapidly over the past few years, and all signs point to continued strong growth. We forecast that US smartphone retail mcommerce sales will grow nearly 38% in 2019, from $148.79 billion in 2018, reaching $205.15 billion. This will account for over three-quarters of US mcommerce sales.  

Why Data Is Key to Retail Success

With store closures and bankruptcies?Toys ‘R’ Us, Sears and Brookstone, to name a few?showing no signs of letting up, it raises the question of what sets a successful retailer apart from the rest.  

Podcast | The Future of Retail

In the latest episode of ?Behind the Numbers,? retail analyst Andrew Lipsman looks ahead to 2019 and beyond. Will the market shifts of today translate into a substantially different business in the future?