Month: July 2018

Brands & Voice Technology

Brands & Voice Technology In a world where brand conversation is becoming a crucial interaction with consumers, brand voice is an important component of the brand strategy.  

In Today’s Hyperconnected World, Convenience Is The Ultimate Currency

In Today?s Hyperconnected World, Convenience is the Ultimate Currency Shortcuts and automation are top of mind as consumer chase ways to overcome everyday obstacles to effortless living. For FMCG companies, the task at hand involves adapting and enhancing their solutions to do more than keep pace?they?ll need to stay ahead of the pace.  

Consumers in the Age of Assistance

Top consumer insights to help shape your marketing strategy – Think with Google Explore the data and consumer insights we?ve compiled around mobile empowerment to help you rethink your marketing strategies in 2018.  

Physical Stores Remain Go-To Channel for Discovery

Physical Stores Remain Go-To Channel for Discovery For the most part, consumers have a game plan when they enter a store?they know what they intend to buy and stick closely to their shopping list. Still, in-store shopping has one advantage that online doesn’t: the ability to see and feel items in person.